Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Boys Room Is Compleate!

When we found out we were going to move I started dreaming about decorating the boys room. I found this picture some where on the web and it became my inspiration! I love the soft blue and white with the bold red accent.

So this is my " on a budget" version.

I painted a canvas with the boys fist initial. I blotted the paint back off with a paper towel and it gave it a great faded antique look.

I went with a bi-plane theme. The boys and I both agreed they look pretty cool and it is something that can grow with them. I got these wooden propellers off eBay for 3.50 (with free shipping!!) and painted them up and sanded them back down. I found the frame at Michale's in the As Is section. It was broken on the side and was marked down to 4.99. I glued up the side and painted it to match. I cut a piece of card board and covered it with drop cloth and glued the props to the cloth.

I had made little book holders for the boys a while back.

I also found these 1931 authentic bi-plane ads on eBay for 5.oo (also with free shipping!) The frame was another Michales clearance for 5.00. I painted up the frame to match and waa laa! Cheap wall art!

I found the cute little table at Hobby Lobby today. They have a great clearance on some of their furniture so I found this little guy for 21.99! I haven't decided if I want to paint it up or just leave it as it is. It has a great vintage look to it all on its own!
I just realized I didn't take pictures of the 2 wooden bi-planes that we hung from the ceiling with fishing line or the metal bi-planes on their dresser! I found all of them at Hobby Lobby and of course waited till they were 50% off!

So the grand total for my budget version is:$131.42
Wall paint-$25
Red accent paint-$5 (I found the perfect shade of red in the oops paint at Lowe's)
Propeller wall art-$8.49
2 Framed Bi-plane ads-$15
2 Bed sets from Walmart-$32 (These were on clearance!)
Hobby Lobby table-$21.99
6 wooden/metal bi-planes-23.94

The we needed frames for the beds since the boys had a bunk bed before. Which I sold for $75 after we moved in! We paid $40 for them 3 yrs ago! Craig's list is simply a-mazing!! I found the frames on FreeCycle.org. So if you add the $75 back in the total spent was just $56.42! Not too bad to redo a whole room!

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  1. Sooo cute! I like your version better and the price is more than likely better!!