Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Key Hole Canvas

The summer really kicks my tushy! I can't seem to get everything done in a day and then have time to sit down and blog about it! It's been forever since Ive posted and so I have lots to share!

I found these adorable Key Holes in the scrapbook section at Michales and thought they would look adorable on canvas. So I took a 5x7 canvas and brush brown glaze on it and wiped it back off.

Then I took my needle punch and poked holes in the canvas where the brads would go after I lined them all out and centered them. Then I set the key holes and brads and ta-da! A quick 5 min project that now I have to find a place for!!


  1. What a neat and simple project. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bridgette and I have been eyeballing those key holes at Michaels for awhile now! We may have to break down and by some now!! Thanks for the great idea and for sharing @ Anything Related!

  3. I really like your art--I have not seen these, but will be on the lookout. Nice job!

  4. Very whimsical! Love this idea! Don't you just love when that happens?